Telequip Coin Dispenser

With the expectation of fast, reliable service higher than ever, Telequip coin dispensers get more customers through the teller lines in less time. By shaving valuable seconds off of every transaction, Telequip coin dispensers can cut minutes off the wait and deliver improved customer service.

Installing a Telequip coin dispenser will boost teller efficiency and leave your customers smiling.



Built to withstand the punishment of continuous high volume operations in the most demanding environments, virtually free of maintenance.

Efficient Use of Coin Inventory

·         Improved speed of service by up to 15%.

·         Program software tracks change being issued and optimizes the use of the coin supply.

·         Even Depletion option provides exceptionally long run times between fills, up to 200 transactions.

·         Minimum Dispense option dispenses minimum number of coins.

Easy to Install

Plug-&-Play, pre-wire installation, with standard RS232 serial port and USB connectivity.